Monday, May 27, 2013

Talent is Toast


This is the first entry of my art blog Talent is Toast.  I'll be posting my attempts at making visual arts and the learnings that come from each of them.

I chose this title because as you read about the life and works of the greatest artists which ever lived, they were all hard workers and experimented with techniques, approaches and tools in hundreds of different ways to achieve the highest levels of visual expression.  They weren't bothered to see if they had talent or not, just set out to work hard and figure things out.

Even Van Gogh, with his apparently schizophrenic creations spent endless time creating detailed pencil studies, teaching himself how to draw and then how to paint.

Some of the most magnificent pieces of art were made by painters who is said used to weep of desperation at trying to achieve greatness, and who repeatedly failed in their attempts but simply didn't give up.

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